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Dental Grade Fake Teeth, Pacifiers, and Accessories

    We carry only the original Billy Bob Teeth- the same ones used in Hollywood movies!

Billy Bob Teeth are dental grade fake teeth. Our teeth are designed by real dentists and crafted from the same materials used in dentures. Freaky Teeth products have been featured in Hollywood movies like Austin Powers because of their superior quality. We also carry a line of baby pacifiers so that everyone, young and old, can be a part of the Freaky Teeth family.

Freaky Teeth are custom fit to Your Mouth!

Each set of teeth comes with a dental putty kit, which you use to fit them over your real teeth in just 5 minutes. This custom fit keeps the teeth from falling out; you can talk, laugh, have a hoedown, whatever. We carry only official Billy Bob Teeth- the highest quality fake teeth on the market!




Each set of Freaky Teeth is designed to perfection. Scare your friends, relatives, and neighbors with our line of fake Billy-Bob teeth, baby pacifiers, and accessories.





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